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Apt Career is also soliciting franchisees as part of its plans to expand the business operations. A mutually beneficial business opportunity awaits you by collaborating with us.

Here’s how the franchisee model works.

Franchising in our context is essentially the legal authorization granted to an enterprise to carry out our business of executive search and talent sourcing. We will give you the right to use our name, logo, promotional material operating procedures and business systems. A code of conduct will have to be maintained by employees. The management of Apt Career however reserves the right to select partners as franchisees after due diligence.
The Benefits
Your team will be trained as per Apt Career standards
Access to job portals at a reasonable cost
Your name and contact details will be on our website
Support of an advertising and marketing campaign
Reasonable Return on Investment
Modus Operandi
You will be given the license to conduct business as part of Apt Career
Centralise the invoicing and collections
Client database will be shared as per the ongoing Business development
The billing ratio will be in an amount to equal 20% of the total billing and 80% to be retained by you post all tax deductions.
So if you satisfy the criteria of
Minimum 2 years of relevant experience
Good reputation and wide network of contacts
Established placement agency with an operational set up with a minimal staff strength of 10 plus.
Initial investment of Rs.50,000/- plus applicable taxes towards franchise fee and 1 years subscription with a renewal clause.
Call us and we will explore the possibility of a partnership.
Contact Details: Tel: + 91 080 40913501/02 or Email:
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